This month is pretty much business as usual without anything extra dramatic. The most important astrological phenomena is Mercury Retrograde, and some activity involving Uranus and Pluto, though nothing world shaking.  

Three weeks of this month are involved in retrograde Mercury. Make a list of projects to finish, items to organize and projects you've put off. Purchase anything mechanical before January 5. Enjoy revising, refinishing, refitting, restoring, repairing, and revisiting. Delay new projects and new contracts. If any project has been in the works for a while it is fine to work with it during retrograde Mercury because chances are it has a connection.

The Sun starts us off in practical, ambitious Capricorn, moving to altruistic Aquarius after three weeks. Mercury begins the month in Capricorn, switches to Aquarius that same day for a week then back to calculating Capricorn for the rest of the month. Venus starts off in generous Sagittarius, then the last week in January moves to practical, organized Capricorn.  Mars goes from 3 days of Libra to complete the month in devious Scorpio. A good use of that energy will be to dig deep, cut clean, and uncover what is hidden.

Besides Mercury's retrograde motion Jupiter also turns retrograde shortly afterward. Rewards that have been delayed may now arrive, as well as unexpected blessings. Jupiter will be retracing its steps in Virgo until just past the first week in May so benefits set in motion earlier may now progress to fulfillment. Saturn continues in Sagittarius putting the squeeze on education, social security, and the food industry. Responsibility is featured for religion, schools, restaurants and the hospitality industry.

The New Moon in Capricorn takes place on the 9th; finish up old business by mid day that day and get ready to restart something practical on the 10th. As it is Retrograde Mercury you may wish to revisit unfinished business and continue it to completion. The Full Moon in Leo shines on the 23rd. Use the energy over the following two weeks in altruistic ways to be of service to those in need or to let go of what you wish to eliminate by giving it away to friends or to charity.

Days to be mindful include the 5th, the 7th, the 20th, and the 31st.  You can stay out of trouble by slowing down, thinking carefully, restraining the tendency to be impulsive, counting ten before speaking your mind, driving carefully, and looking before leaping if you leap at all. Days to be grateful, press your luck and expect good fortune include the 12th, the 13th, the 14th, the 22nd, the 25th, and the 30th. Unexpected blessings, rewards, opportunities for progress and high creativity are all potential benefits for those dates.



Martin Luther King Jr BD is Observed Third Monday of the month - (Jan 18th 2016)

- January 2016 -

Yay - Happy NewYear (Jan 1st)

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Fri 1st New Years Day - Gentle Libra Moon starts the year off, nice for the holiday
Sat 2nd Balance loving Libra Moon urges fairness in all things
Sun 3rd Intense Scorpio Moon heats up the atmosphere. Mars into Scorpio until March helps provide determination and persistence to what we do
Mon 4th Passionate Scorpio Moon starts the week off with a bang
Tue 5th Secretive Scorpio Moon spreads confusion as Mercury turns retrograde, squaring argumentative Mars; Venus squares Neptune promoting deception, and Sun conjuncts Pluto intensifying need for changes. Work to accept what is given
Wed 6th Generous Sagittarius Moon calms the waters and gathers good energy
Thur 7th Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Church Christmas Day - Hospitable Sagittarius Moon energy may be too spontaneous as Sun squares Uranus and Jupiter turns retrograde. Slow down and enjoy surprises
Fri 8th Practical Capricorn Moon inspires good work ethic. Mercury backs into Capricorn, reigniting useful ideas and helping apply them
Sat 9th New Moon in organized Capricorn calls attention to what needs doing
Sun 10th AM Ambitious Capricorn Moon gives way to inventive Aquarius Moon at 3:30. Complete tasks earlier then have fun in new ways. 
Mon 11th Friendly Aquarius Moon helps start the week in a kindly way
Tue 12th Altruistic Aquarius Moon helps start the day with kind suggestions. Loving Pisces Moon helps create a gentle evening atmosphere
Wed 13th Mystical Pisces Moon enhances Venus trine Uranus, helping create unexpected benevolence and blessings
Thur 14th Compassionate Pisces Moon helps alert us to those in need, Mercury trine Jupiter and Sun conjunct Mercury combine to enhance thinking and communication especially concerning the afflicted or handicapped.
Fri 15th Aggressive Aries Moon encourages haste; try to be mindful even so
Sat 16th Impatient Aries Moon helps urge us into a multitude of activities
Sun 17th Lazy Taurus Moon makes for a relaxing day. Venus Squaring Jupiter late could encourage excessive eating and drinking
Mon 18th

Martin Luther King Jr. Birthday is Observed  - Steady Taurus Moon suggests business as usual. Mars trining Neptune signals a potential for deceptive activity

Tue 19th Chatty Gemini Moon helps all sorts of communication
Wed 20th Peripatetic Gemini Moon could help with errands; be especially mindful driving with accident prone Mercury squaring Uranus. Sun into Aquarius
Thur 21st Kindly Cancer Moon helps us look after one another
Fri 22nd Shy Cancer Moon suggests cozy times with a loved one. Mercury conjunct Pluto helps solve a mystery.
Sat 23rd Earlier motherly Cancer Moon protects loved ones. 2:30 PM Romantic Leo Moon  turns full near 9, suggesting fun with a loved one. Venus into Capricorn makes for practical choices until mid Feb
Sun 24th Playful Leo Moon suggests amusing the dear ones
Mon 25th Royal Leo Moon makes for thinking big. Mercury turns direct, freeing up energy for new efforts
Tue 26th Persnickety Virgo Moon helps us to get things right
Wed 27th Organized Virgo Moon makes for a good day to accomplish much
Thur 28th Harmonious Libra Moon helps get people to agree
Fri 29th Gracious Libra Moon suggests ways to make everyone happy. Mercury conjunct Pluto helps facilitate renewal
Sat 30th Forceful Scorpio Moon helps us take charge when necessary, Mercury conjunct Pluto encourages change
Sun 31st Possessive Scorpio Moon could encounter difficulties as Mercury squares Uranus promoting disruption

January 8, First State of the Union Address in the U.S by George Washington 1790

- January 2016 -
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January 10, First United Nations General Assembly met in London, 1946

The US Presidential Inauguration is every fours years, this year Jan 21st 2013 @ Noon
US Presidential Inauguration


Holidays &  Other Interesting events happening in JANUARY:
Holidays and Other Cool Events brought to you by Doc Dingley

In Finnish, the month is called tammikuu, meaning month of the oak, but the original meaning was the month of the heart of winter, as tammi has initially meant axis or core. In Czech this month is called leden, meaning ice month. In Ukrainian it is січень meaning cutting or slicing perhaps referring to the wind. Similarly, in Croatian January is called siječanj, also meaning cutting or slicing. In Sámi it is known as ođđajagimánnu, meaning simply "new year's month".

According to Theodor Mommsen (The History of Rome, volume 4, The Revolution, ISBN 1-4353-4597-5, page 4), the first of January became the first day of the year in 600 AUC of the Roman Calendar (153 BC), due to disasters in the Lusitanian War. A Lusitanian chief called Punicus, invaded the Roman territory, defeated two Roman governors and slew their troops. The Romans resolved to send a consul to Spain and, in order to accelerate the despatch of aid, "they even made the new consuls enter on office two months and a half before the legal time" (15th of March).

News Years Day is (January 1st)

Various Christian feast dates were used for the New Year in Europe in the Middle Ages, including March 25 and December 25. However, medieval calendars were displayed in the Roman fashion of twelve columns from January to December. Beginning in the 16th century, European countries began officially making January 1 the start of the New Year once again — sometimes called Circumcision Style because this was the date of the Feast of the Circumcision, being the 8th day from December 25

The first Monday in January is known as Handsel Monday in Scotland and northern England. In England, the agricultural year began with Plough Sunday on the Sunday after Epiphany

The Coming of Age day (Seijin shiki) in Japan is the second Monday of January, for those becoming 20 years old in the new calendar year. It is a national holiday. The day has been celebrated since 1948, but fell on January 15 until 1999, when it was moved by the Japanese government in an attempt to lift the economy by making more holidays consecutive.

January 6th, Russian and Ukrainian Orthodox Church Christmas Eve, also known as Svyat Vechir

January 7th, Russia - Orthodox Church Christmas Day Christmas celebration in Russia is not as widely followed as in Western countries in favor of the New Year celebration. Christmas is celebrated on the 7th of January (which corresponds to 25th December in the Julian Calendar). The tradition of celebrating Christmas has been revived since 1992, after decades of suppression by the communist government. It is centered on the Christmas Eve "Holy Supper", which consists of 12 servings, one to honor each of Jesus' apostles. The Russian traditions were largely kept alive by shifting some of them, including the visit by gift-giving "Grandfather Frost" and his "Snowmaiden", to New Year's Day. Many current Russian Christmas customs, including their Christmas tree, or "yolka" (spruce, sometimes pine instead of it), were brought by Peter the Great, after his western travels in the late 17th century.

January 7th, The First American Presidential election was in 1789

January 8th, The First State of the Union Address in the U.S was by George Washington in 1790. The address is traditionally given in the month of January. Sometimes, especially in recent years, newly inaugurated presidents have delivered speeches to joint sessions of Congress only weeks into their respective terms, but these are not officially considered State of the Union addresses. The address is most frequently used to outline the president's legislative proposals for the upcoming year.

January 10th, First United Nations General Assembly met in London, 1946

January 10th, First great oil discovery in Texas, in 1901. Information as to the history of petroleum can be found here (Petroleum)

Plough Sunday is a traditional English celebration of the beginning of the agricultural year that has seen some revival over recent years. Plough Sunday celebrations usually involve bringing a ploughshare into a church with prayers for the blessing of the land. It is traditionally held on the Sunday after Epiphany, the Sunday between 7 January and 13 January. Accordingly, work in the fields did not begin until the day after Plough Sunday: Plough Monday.

January 15, is Makara Sankranthi (Festival of Harvest) in India 

Martin Luther King Day in the United States - 3rd Monday of the Month, this year it is celebrated (January 18th 2016)

US Presidential Inauguration is held in the United States January 20 at Noon EST, every four years. The next year presidential inauguration will be held January 20st 2017

January 21st, Nautilus (SSN-571), first atomic submarine launched, 1954

January 23rd, Elizabeth Blackwell, first modern woman physician, graduated from Geneva Medical School of western New York, 1849

January 24th, Gold is first discovered in California by settlers, 1848

January 25th, is Burns Night in celebration of Scotland's poet Robert Burns

January 26th, is Australia Day in Australia. 

January 26th, is Republic Day in India.

January 27th, Canadian Great Western Railway first opened, 1854

January is National Soup Month in the United States

Other Names for January:

Historical names for January include its original Roman designation, Ianuarius, January is named for Janus (Ianuarius), the god of the doorway and beginnings in Roman mythology, where the Latin word for door (ianua) comes from - January is the door to the year. The Saxon term Wulf-monath (meaning wolf month) and Charlemagne's designation Wintarmanoth (winter / cold month). In Finnish, the month is called tammikuu, meaning month of the oak, but the original meaning was the month of the heart of winter, as tammi has initially meant axis or core. This month is in Czech called leden, meaning
ice month

January is the middle month of summer in the Southern Hemisphere and the middle of winter in the Northern. January in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent to July in the Southern Hemisphere and vice versa.

Leap years exempted, January always begins on the same day as October.

In leap years, January always begins on the same day as April and July.

January's flower is the carnation or snowdrop.

The Chinese floral emblem of January is the plum blossom.

The Japanese floral emblem of January is the camellia

January's birthstone is garnet.
More: Bizarre & Unique Holidays for (January):
ThinkQuest.Org - Holiday Insights.Com -
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