October appears "interesting" due to the activity of Mars and Pluto in Capricorn throughout the second half of the month. Stressful aspects beginning on the 7th, continuing on the 13th through the 19th and beyond, present opportunities to those who see them as such, and potential difficulties to those who take a different view. Stumbling blocks can be stepping-stones once the rough edges are smoothed off. However, our vision may be clouded if we are too busy saying "ouch" instead of looking to see what can be done to work on those edges.

Mercury zips along in three signs. In the news and other communications with Mercury in Virgo we can expect a focus on health, details and diligence. As it enters Libra mid month we can expect a similar focus on fairness and the arts, possibly news of conflict and war. As it moves into Scorpio the24th we can expect the news to focus on crime, revelation of secrets, and even bitter attacks. Venus begins in Scorpio, emphasizing passionate choices, and then segues into Sagittarius where she helps us make choices philosophically.

Full Moon in Aries shines for us on the 16th of the month. What has been begun in the spring with the New Moon in Aries may now be coming to fruition. Whatever seeds you planted then can ripen and nourish you now. The New Moon is on the 30th in Scorpio. Think about the changes you wish to make. How can you transform what needs to be transformed, or renew what has lost its luster? Make a list and find ways to implement it. This month because it begins and ends with them there are two opportunities to utilize the Moon in Libra and the Moon in Scorpio. As well, the balancing and rebirthing energy of these two signs is vital to the changing of the seasons as we move deeper into fall.

Opportunities for a spiritual experience may be found on the 1st, the 4th brings chances to build good structure. The 5th brings an evening of potential passion and possible excess.  On the 7th Sun squaring Pluto begins a strenuous series of opportunity squares for 3 weeks of revelations and restructuring. The 10th and 11th are good for expanding knowledge. Be mindful in motion on the 12th and 13th, work to communicate well and be rewarded on the 14th, on the 15th stay out of quarrels and conflict.

On the 18th and 19th emphasize change and healing.  The 19th and 20th may bring clarity through inspiration. On the 25th be mindful of potential deception; meditate instead. The 26th could be helpful for enjoyable shopping or inventive creativity, The 27th is ideal for travel and communication. The 28th and 29th may bring surprises or disruption, By evening, Saturn's stability brings understanding and clarity. The 29th and 30th Neptune/Mercury trine with the New Moon may bring spiritual guidance. However, avoid self-deception. 



Halloween - (October 31st)

It's FALL - Get out there and see the Foliage (Oct-Nov)
- October 2016 -

Columbus Day U.S - (Oct 10th 2016)

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Sat 1st Beauty loving Libra Moon encourages decoration. Venus/Neptune trine brings tranquility.
Sun 2nd Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year (begins sundown) - Sweet Libra Moon begins a peaceful day. 3 PM Passionate Scorpio Moon brings intensity to the evening
Mon 3rd Scientific Scorpio Moon helps set up an effective week
Tue 4th Rosh Hashanah Jewish New Year (ends sundown) - Analytical Scorpio Moon digs up information. Sun/Saturn sextile helps us stick to the task
Wed 5th International World Teachers Day (Fact The History of Teachers Day) - Philosophical Sagittarius Moon helps clarify ideas. Venus/Pluto sextile promotes daring choices. Mars/Jupiter square indicates excess or excitement.
Thur 6th Generous Sagittarius Moon suggests hosting a meal for friends
Fri 7th Athletic Sagittarius Moon suggests AM or lunch hour exercise. 4 PM ambitious Capricorn Moon piles on the work. Mercury enters justice-loving Libra. Sun/Pluto square suggests tension leading to change
Sat 8th Diligent Capricorn Moon helps us accomplish much
Sun 9th Organized Capricorn Moon collects the right ingredients for success
Mon 10th Columbus Day (U.S) - Quirky Aquarius Moon helps promote unusual activities
Tue 11th Yom Kippur (begins sundown) - Altruistic Aquarius Moon makes for a day to be of service
Wed 12th Thanksgiving (Canada) and Yom Kippur (Ends sundown) - Compassionate Pisces Moon brings a warm heart to relationships
Thur 13th Intuitive Pisces moon seeks ways to be of help. Mercury/Mars square suggests care in motion and with speech. Avoid conflict if possible
Fri 14th Soft Pisces Moon begins the morning gently. Strident Aries Moon takes over at 11 AM. Mercury/Saturn sextile assists in responsible communication. Sun/Uranus opposition reveals unusual options
Sat 15th Excitable Aries Moon may intensify the Mercury/Pluto square promoting a potential for accidents or hasty, thoughtless activity.
Sun 16th Forceful Full Moon in Aries thrusts us into activity, 11 AM steady Taurus Moon helps calm things down.
Mon 17th National Boss Day - Grounded Taurus Moon starts the week with steady pace
Tue 18th Steady Taurus Moon gives way to 10:30 AM dilatory Gemini Moon; plan errands, light duty. Venus enters Sagittarius for generous choices. Mars/Pluto conjunction signals potential violence; employ calm force
Wed 19th Restless Gemini Moon keeps us on the move. Yesterday's conjunction is still in force; avoid conflict, opt for peaceful change
Thur 20th Chatty Gemini Moon gives way to11:30 AM warm Cancer Moon. Mercury/Uranus opposition helps with creative solutions
Fri 21st Cozy Cancer Moon warms hearts and helps soothe and comfort
Sat 22nd Domestic Cancer Moon tidies and cleans, 3:30 PM Romantic Leo Moon suggests a date for the evening. Sun into Scorpio deepens and sharpens energy
Sun 23rd Mother-In-Law Day (celebrated the 4th Sunday of the month) - Radiant Leo Moon enhances outlook, warms hearts
Mon 24th Jovial Leo Moon begins the day, Hard working 11:00AM Virgo Moon brings focus
Tue 25th Diligent Virgo Moon assists accomplishment. Venus/Neptune square suggests self-deception. Meditate instead
Wed 26th Precise Moon in Virgo encourages careful action. Venus/Jupiter sextile brings cheerful smiles.
Thur 27th Artistic Libra Moon suggests focus on design. Sun/Mercury conjunction helps create great ideas. 
Fri 28th Justice loving Libra Moon makes for focus on equality. Mars/Uranus Square signals disruptive energy, drive carefully, act outside the box
Sat 29th Gentle Libra Moon says visit a gallery or museum. Mars/Uranus square suggests unique activities, Venus/Saturn conjunction steadies energy
Sun 30th New Moon in Intense Scorpio enhances necessary changes, Mercury/Neptune trine brings a spiritual overtone
Mon 31st Halloween - Forceful Scorpio Moon generates energy for action


Thanksgiving Canada - (Oct 12th 2015)

- October 2016 -
International World Teachers Day - (Oct 5th)  Rosh Hashanah - (Begins at sundown) Oct 2nd and (ends) Oct 4th 2016
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Holidays &  Other Interesting events happening in OCTOBER:
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Month Long October Events: 

Cultural Celebrations

Health Observances

Other Names For October:
  • In Latin, October is called Octubre, or VIIIber (where VIII is the Roman number 8, in Latin "octo"). The name is due to the fact that it was the 8th month in the early Julian calendar beginning in March.
  • In Albanian, October is called Tetor
  • In Arabic, October is called tashrîn al-awwal in the Middle East and uktűbîr in North-Africa.
  • In Slovak, October is called október.
  • In Czech, October is called říjen. The origin of this name is in the deer's belling in this month.
  • A traditional Dutch name for October is Wijnmaand ("wine month") because the first wines of the year have ripened.
  • In Finnish, October is called lokakuu, meaning "month of dirt".
  • In German, October is called Oktober.
  • In Scottish Gaelic, October is called an Damhar, meaning "rutting time" (of stags).
  • In Hungarian, October is called Október.
  • In Irish, October is called Deireadh Fómhair, meaning "end of harvest-time".
  • In Italian, October is called ottobre.
  • In Turkish, October is called Ekim, meaning "sowing" because of the sowing of wheat.
  • In the old Japanese calendar, the 10th month was called Kannazuki (神無月? also pronounced Kaminazuki), literally meaning the godless month, due to an old belief that in that month, the gods gathered in one spot to discuss the affairs of the world. Thus, in that month, the gods were inaccessible. (It actually means, "month of the gods", however, as the "na" is actually a possessive particle and the 無 character is ateji.)
  • In Croatian, October is called Listopad, meaning leaves list fall pad.
  • In French, October is called "octobre".
  • In Spanish, October is called "octubre".
  • In Polish, October is called "Październik".
  • In Romanian, October is called "Octombrie"
  • In Russian, October is called "Октябрь"
  • In Lithuanian, October is called Spalis.
  • In Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch and German, October is called Oktober.
  • In Portuguese, October is called "Outubro".
  • In Welsh, October is called "Hydref", meaning "autumn".
  • In Icelandic, October is called október.
  • In Korean, it is called "Sib-weol" meaning the tenth month
  • In Chinese, October is called Shíyuč(十月)also meaning the tenth month.
  October Events and Holidays

Rosh Hashanah (begins at sundown) Sunday October 2nd 2016 and (ends at sundown) Tuesday October 4th 2016

October is the tenth month of the year in the Gregorian Calendar and one of seven Gregorian months with 31 days

In Latin, octo means "eight". October was also the eight month in the Roman calendar until a month less winter period was divided between January and February



In the nineteenth century, the month of October was dedication to devotion to the rosary in Roman Catholic countries

The month October has become famous as "Red October", due to the Russian October revolution of 1917, although in the modern Gregorian calendar, the revolution started in November

October is the most common birth month, along with July

International World Teachers Day is Celebrated Annually October 5th

Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving (Canada) on the second Monday of October. This year that is October 10th (2016)

Yom Kippur (begins at sundown) Tuesday October 11th 2016 and (ends at sundown) Wednesday October 12th 2016

Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October. This year it is celebrated October 10th (2016)

National Boss Day is celebrated October 17th

Mother-In-Law Day is celebrated the 4th Sunday of the month, October 23rd (2016)

Halloween is celebrated October 31st. Halloween is celebrated in several countries of the Western world, most commonly in Ireland (where it originated), the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the United Kingdom, Japan, New Zealand, and occasionally in parts of Australia. In Sweden the All Saints' official holiday takes place on the first Saturday of November.

October begins on the same day of the week as January in common years and May in leap years

October's flower is the calendula or cosmos.

October's birthstone is the opal or tourmaline
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