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Brief Descriptions and Interpretations of Astrological Signs
Elements - Modalities - Astrological Signs and what they all mean.

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There are 12 Astrological Signs













Each Sign has:

·        Quality or Modality - Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable.

·        an Element - Earth, Air, Fire, or Water.

·        and a Polarity - Active (Masculine) or Receptive (Feminine)..

These help you to understand how the signs react or behave and how the combination of them helps make up the nature of the sign itself.  Each sign also has a glyph or symbol that helps define it.  As you learn these you will find it easier to remember more about each sign.

A Signs QUALITY (Cardinal, Fixed, or Mutable) -  Defines a sign's chief thrust or movement.

·        Cardinal  - Represents the first or initial month of each season, like the new Moon.

·        Fixed - Characterizes the second month of each, like the full Moon.

·        Mutable - The last month of the season, like the waning Moon.

A Sign's Element - Fire, Earth, Water, or Air:  Defines its basic nature.

·        Fire signs - Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius:  These signs are intuitive, quick to act, temperamental, and lively. Tend to be creative, energetic, assertive, and enthusiastic.

·        Earth signs - Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn - These signs are steady, reliable, and kind.  Tend to be focused, practical, and materialistic.

·        Water signs - Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces - These signs are emotional, nurturing, imaginative, and psychic. Tend to be governed by powerful emotions.

·        Air signs - Gemini, Libra and Aquarius - These signs are intelligent, verbal, communicative, and generous. Tend to be the least emotional of the signs.

A Signs Polarity:  Is defined as the orientation of each sign:  Masculine or Feminine, Yin or Yang, Active or Receptive, Alternating or Direct -- One of two halves that form opposite poles.  Still don't understand? (see the explanation and example below)

What is Receptive and Active!:   Earth and Water signs are receptive, Air and Fire signs are active.  One example of what this means is that the receptive signs will observe more prior to acting, and the active signs will be more apt to initiate activity without much forethought.  Get it ?

Sign's and their Descriptions:

Here is a brief description of each astrological sign based on their qualities, elements, polarities, references to body parts, and symbols:

Aries  - The headstrong has ram's horns for his symbol. The Aries Ram has two curly horns and runs head first into situations. Cardinal, he loves to start things; the first sign of Spring, he is often youthful in energy and appearance. A Fire sign, he is powered by Mars, god of competition and conflict. His part of the body is the head, a reflection of Aries’ desire to lead. He enjoys athletics and physical movement, as symbolized by the mountain climbing abilities of the ram.

Taurus - The bullheaded, has a bull's head for a symbol. The bull, which only needs eyes to make it look real, is extremely stubborn. Fixed, she is wonderful at carrying out instructions; the second sign of Spring, she is here concerned with the energy of maintenance and fertility; an Earth sign, powered by Venus, goddess of love, music is her delight, as symbolized by the voice. Her part of the body is the throat and neck.

Gemini - The twins has the Roman numeral for two for his glyph. The Gemini twins love interactions, connecting is their thing. He is Mutable, the go-between, the last sign of Spring, and provides the energy to move into the summer. He is an Air sign, symbolizing breezes, powered by Mercury the messenger of the gods in its airy aspect. His part of the body is the arms and shoulders, symbolizing dexterity, but being a messenger he also symbolizes communication and by definition, speech as well as intellect and thought.

Cancer - Is symbolized by the crab. Her glyph shows the two eyes peering out from the shell, and they are cautious and shy. Cardinal, she is the first sign of Summer, and Water is her element. She is powered by the Moon, and because it waxes and wanes she can be expected to be moody. Her part of the body is the breast and the stomach, emphasizing her parental, nurturing makeup, love of the home and connection to food purchase, preparation, and consumption.

Leo - Is symbolized by the lion, and his glyph looks like a lion's tail. The Leo lions--the symbol is the lion's tail, are proud and regal, and so love to be admired. Fixed Fire, like the steady Sun that powers him, he is the middle sign of summer. His part of the body is the heart and the spine, symbolizing the romantic, as well as the stubborn nature of Leo. He is sunny, generous, and playful by disposition for the sun shines on all with equal benevolence. Like the powerful sun standing alone in the sky or the king of beasts, he is given to willfulness.

Virgo - Is symbolized by the virgin goddess, answering to no man. In the olden days, a virgin was an unattached woman who didn't have to answer to a man. The Virgo virgin is holding her child on her hip. She is the caretaker of the zodiac. She is Mutable, the third sign of Summer, the go-between to Fall. She symbolizes the harvest not as yet gathered in. Powered by Mercury in its earthy aspect, her glyph is three feminine curves. She is the caregiver of the zodiac, tending with the hands symbolized by Mercury. Her part of the body is the digestive tract. A Virgo can be expected to break everything down into its parts and then assimilate them for practical use.

Libra - As shown in his glyph, is symbolized by the scales. The Libra scales weigh everything to try to make things come out even. He is Cardinal Air, symbolizing the winds, beginning Fall. Powered by Venus in her air aspect, he symbolizes the arts, as well as connections between people, such as marriage or contracts of any kind, as well as the legal profession. His body part is the kidneys without which the body cannot balance itself.

Scorpio - Is symbolized by a scorpion with a sting in its tail, shown in her glyph as the arrow pointing upward. The Scorpio scorpions, with the pointed sting on the tail, can be deadly if you offend them or treat them badly. A Fixed Water sign, she is the second sign of Fall. She is powered by two planets: the original Mars in a passive or patient mode symbolizing Scorpio's ability to hold on, especially in relationships, and Pluto, planet of transformation, symbolizing her ability to regenerate and rise again.  Her part of the body is the sex organs and she is said to be sexual in nature.

Sagittarius - Is symbolized by an arrow in a glyph pointing skyward. The Sagittarian archers aim for the sky and love to travel.  He is Mutable Fire, blazing in the eyes and heart of the adventurer who yearns to wander the earth, the third sign of Fall. The archer behind the arrow is Chiron the Centaur who was a philosopher and teacher. Jupiter is the power behind the sign and symbolizes the educational process by which we are carried forward. His body part is the thighs, moving him forward, whether on foot or gripping a mount.

Capricorn - Is symbolized by a glyph representing a goat's horns and tail. The Capricorn goat with horns and a curly tail loves to climb mountain peaks; they are very ambitious. Cardinal, with Earth for her element she is the first sign of Winter. The most businesslike sign of the zodiac, with politics as part of her executive nature, like the goat of her glyph, she is liable to butt heads with you. She is powered by stalwart, structured Saturn, sometimes known as Father Time. Her part of the body is the knees, signifying her ability to leap over obstacles and perch on the heights, but also when necessary to win by bending.

Aquarius  - Is symbolized by a glyph of two wavy lines, Fixed Air, a seeming anomaly. Yet the air currents are fixed, and so is the electrical energy symbolized by Uranus, his power planet. The Aquarius water bearers with the wave-like lines, are the do-gooders of the zodiac. Originally powered by Saturn, this eccentric second sign of Winter can be surprisingly conservative--another Saturnian trait. His body part is the ankles, signifying the ability of the sign to swivel this way and that while remaining planted in one place.

Pisces - Symbolized by a glyph of two joined fish.  Mutable Water, she moves us toward Spring.  The Pisces fishes swim in around and sometimes get lost. She is powered by Neptune, which symbolizes her ability to immerse herself completely in any situation. Once powered only by Jupiter, now also included as part of the picture, she is therefore generously open hearted. The most charitable of the signs, she lacks the more philosophical detachment of the Sagittarian. Her body part is the feet, said to be the most spiritual part of the body because they are the means whereby we walk through this life on our way to achieving wholeness.


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