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Tasha & Stephen Halpert have lived, loved and worked together as professional psychics for over 30 years. During that time they have taught and lectured across country, as well as done psychic readings for thousands of people, in person, over the telephone, on the radio, and on TV. Their self actualized spirituality draws from an eclectic range of studies that include Huna, Sufism, Spiritualism, Yoga, Mystical Christianity, Theosophy and their own experience. At their home in Grafton, MA. they host weekly meditations, private healings, and retreats.

Recognized for their intuitive accuracy, they have led groups, taught, and lectured throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Denmark, and India.

Their books include:

The Huna Spirit Connection

The Unconditional Love Book

The Empowerment Book

Your Psychic Gifts

The Business of Being A Psychic

Channeled Messages from the Sitting In Light Series

Tasha recently completed a spiritual autobiography entitled: Heaven Is Now, A Guide To Living In The Kingdom Of Heaven. We are making manuscript copies available to anyone who would like to have them for the cost of printing, binding and mailing, around $15. You can send a check to P.O. Box 323 or call 508-839-0111 and put it on your MC or Visa, which ever seems easiest. The book has many helpful suggestions toward living life more happily regardless of your current circumstances. Tasha is in the process of sending it out to publishers.

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Grafton Center for Inner Peace
P.O Box 323 Grafton, MA. 01519
Ph: 508-839-0111

Our mission statement:

"The Grafton Center for Inner Peace provides opportunities and classes for all to learn about inner peace through meditation and self healing."

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