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What Can Tasha and Stephen Do For You?

Celebrating more than 30 years of living and working together, loving, learning, teaching, sharing and helping others grow, they have much to offer:

Founders of the Grafton Center For Inner Peace

Popular talk show psychics, and weekly columnists

Authors of numerous books including The Huna Spirit Connection, Your Psychic Gifts, The Business of Being A Psychic

The Unconditional Love Book, and Channeled Messages from
The Sitting In Light Series


Tasha and Stephen invite you to visit with them and discover more about yourself through a reading, a workshop, a retreat.

You may choose a lecture, workshop or retreat from the following:

Opportunities for Personal Manifestation: Learn to develop and use your personal link to Divine power and love.

Discussions of The Huna Spirit Connection: Discovering and accessing your Inner and High Self, Spirit Guides. and other Beings from Light.

Learn Ways to Inner Peace and Healing through Color, Light, Breath Meditation and the Use of Sacred Stones & Crystals.

Discover Happiness As A Way of Life: Techniques to use every day that will enhance your ability to cope with stress while enriching your life and the lives of those around you.

Their psychic insights help you resolve conflicts, relieve stress, provide insight, and create joy.

A psychic reading with Tasha or Stephen will challenge your beliefs about psychic awareness as well as give you much to think about.

For Rates, Reservations or a Psychic Reading in person or over the phone.  Please Contact Tasha or Stephen by email or by phone at:

Ph: (508) 839-0111

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