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Heartwings Love Notes 993 - Seeing is Believing, Perhaps

Heartwings says, "What you see clearly is what is true for you."

As a child, once I learned to read, I pored over my father's books of myths, fairy tales, and Bible stories. I had no interest in any reading that talked about reality. My own favorite books were the Raggedy Ann stories by Johnny Gruelle and poetry books by Robert Louis Stevenson and A.A.Milne. Being an only child until the age of eight, I had plenty of time to read and did so voraciously, especially as I grew older.

The Raggedy Ann books featured fanciful stories about the adventures of a little girl's stuffed toys, characters who lived in the child's room. There was a wonderful "deep, deep" wood where trees produced frankfurters and pancakes, strawberry soda springs bubbled up and cups grew nearby. They were peaceful books where little danger lurked, and happy adventures were the norm.

There was no TV to show images of violence or sorrow. Children, as I experienced it, were to be protected from anything to do with real world terror, death, or dangerous situations. Whether this was good or bad I cannot say. What it did do was create in me a mindset oriented toward a worldview that was essentially positive and willing to believe in fairies, Santa Claus, and stuffed animals that were in some sense alive.

Of course, I am on some level aware that this worldview is unrealistic. However, reality takes many forms and miracles do occur with regularity. Who is to say that this or that is "nonsense," or that such and such is impossible? I am fully aware that there is room for all kinds of beliefs. For instance, I have read that very young children see the colors of an aura around people, and that when they are told "no, you don't see that," by those who are worried their child will be thought weird or worse, lose the ability.

Often people are afraid of what seems too outside the norm. Not that long ago women, and occasionally men were burnt or otherwise murdered because they were thought to be witches. Still, it may be that not everything can be seen unless we know about it first. Native Americans apparently could not see the ships that brought Columbus because they had no experience of them. I have had things happen I could not explain and been told by others of the same. Keeping an open mind is best, or so it seems to me, and it does make life interesting.

May you discover new wonders to enlighten you.

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Blessings and Best Regards,
Tasha Halpert

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