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Sunshine incarnate in petals
Forsythia blossoms trumpet the sun's brilliance-
Yellow splashes on a field of green.
God's an artist.
How else could such beauty meet the eye
On every ordinary highway
Each May dawn, whether the sun rises or not
Forsythia flowers shine, casting forth sunbeams
Even in the rain.


Tulip petals pursed against the rain
Pout accusingly at grey skies
Until the renegade sun opens them into cups
To catch and hold the precious rays of Spring.

Dandelion Reflections

Scattered on the grass,
Dandelions appeared overnight,
Glowing brightly
Against the sprightly green of spring.

I stand among them. Drops of light,
Little suns shine up at me.
Reflections: as above, so below:
Shining Spring.

Weather Or Not

Blossoms latent in the stems
Sprouts asleep in seeds.
Spring is lazy so it seems
In answering our needs.
We want flowers right away
Yet first the buds must grow.
Spring brings chills and breezes brisk,
Even sometimes snow.
Spring blows cold as well as hot
Welcome change and smile.
If you don't like the way it is,
Just you wait a while.
Spring's capricious, yet we know
Sure as days in June
Summer's warm and gentle time
will be with us soon.
We are seldom satisfied,
One day we'll complain,
Saying it's too hot and dry
And wish that it would rain.

The Promise of Spring

Does the seed feel pain
When it cracks apart?
Or does it simply know
A swelling of the heart?

When the egg breaks open
And the light rushes in,
Does it hurt or is it pleasant
To the new one's skin?

What is the name for
The loosening of death?
Is it the same
As the birth of breath?

The new light of morning
Will drive away sleep.
This is the promise
That Spring will keep.

Spring Suite

Spring bursts upon the land
In spurts of green and yellow.
Days by turn are harsh or mellow,
Brisk or bland.
Lewd, rude winds tease
Release old leaves from oak trees,
Huddle us into scarves and coats,
Then vanish. Bird throats
Open, songs emerge, squeeze
The heart, beg release
Of longings that awoke.
People walk around,
Faces to sun like flowers
Winter melts in April showers. 
Singing to the ground


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