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At The Mercy Of The Wind

Seed fluff floats on the air
Drifting like snowflakes across the landscape
Nature's reckless bounty distributed broadcast
Falling on fertile, barren, or rocky ground.
To grow, to shrivel, to lie and rest or simply mingle  with the soil.

At the mercy of the wind that blows them whither
They sprout or wither, or grow and seed the air with fluff
For a poet to see and write down.  Divine grace seeds the air.
Divine love is everywhere scattered and strewn
To grow and flourish whichever way, to nurture future generations-
It's all the same in the Eyes of God.

Love is given unstintingly upon the wind
Blown to us wherever we turn.
We do not always recognize it for what it is when we encounter it.
Only after seeds have grown can one be sure
What has been nurtured.

We feel safe in our littleness,
In all of our unknowing, clinging to what we think,
Never realizing that we too are at the mercy of the wind,
That we too drift upon it like fluff, to fall somewhere
To grow again, to find our way to be.

A Sonnet to Summer Vacation

How sweet to be at rest with no demands,
No one to ask a single thing of me,
There's no way that I need to use my hands,
I am complete unto myself and free.

How rare and how delightful it is now
Simply to contemplate the clouds, the sky,
Without a thought, without a where or how,
I watch the carefree seagulls float and fly.

If I were home I could not act this way,
My mind would spin me here and there to work,
A thousand duties would crowd up the day,
A thousand tasks I am now free to shirk.

Oh to pack up this wondrous frame of mind
Instead of, sadly, leaving it behind.


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